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Teepee (Custom Stripes)

Regular price ₱5,500.00

Striped Canvas Teepee

Short : 4 x 4 ft. base, 6 ft. long bamboo poles, apex height 4 ft.

Tall : 4 x 4 ft. base, 7 ft. long bamboo poles, apex height 5 ft.

Comes with water resistant carrying/storage bag

You may click this link to view all our available prints:

Please allow about 1 week for production and delivery. For Rush orders, please e-mail 

Please indicate your preferred colours and embroidery in the notes upon checking out like this:

Embroidery: <name or initials>  <font>

Embroidery colour: <colour of choice>

Stripe 1: <colour of choice>

Stripe 2: <colour of choice>

Stripe 3: <colour of choice>

Stripe 4: <colour of choice>

Stripe 5: <colour of choice>

Stripe 6: <colour of choice>

Stripe 7: <colour of choice>

Stripe 8: <colour of choice> 

Optional Foam Mats (48x48 in.) are available: 1 in. = P1,500  |  2 in. = P2,000  |  3 in. = P3,000

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